Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare

Benefits of Daycare
  • Gives you a happy, tired dog to cuddle with at the end of the day instead of a wrecked house and a manic pet
  • Alleviates boredom and improve behavior
  • Creates a more well-rounded and socialized dog
  • Reduces problematic behaviors such as barking, chewing, destruction and messing in the house.
  • Establishes a daily routine to make for a happier, healthier pet
  • Allows more spare time for running errands and getting things done without the guilt of leaving the dog at home

Our Facility

Pet Recess has 2500 sq ft of climate controlled indoor play area, huge outdoor play areas full of fun toys, climbers and a trampoline outdoors. In the summer months the dogs enjoy splashing in the wading pools.

All the dogs take a well earned rest in the nap room from 12-2pm. Snacks and comfy blankets are provided.

Daycare hours are 6.30am-7pm.  Any dog not picked up by 7pm will be boarded overnight and additional fees will apply.

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