What Our Clients Say About Pet Recess

"I take great pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation for Julia Dixon and her business Pet Recess Inc. For the last 10 months I have used her daycare and boarding services, and as such, I can genuinely affirm that she runs an impeccable business. Having lived in multiple cities, including London, New York, Miami, Toronto and Boston, I've had the opportunity to get to know many different and diverse "doggie" daycare and boarding businesses. People who love dogs tend to consider them as part of their family. As such it becomes a duty and necessity to find the perfect place to take care of "Buddy," "Marley," or in my case Angelo, especially when time puts a big constraint on us.

"It becomes a sort of endless search. We scout various businesses, call and search, sometimes to no avail. It is a frustrating experience, and we wonder whether they will be taken care of, whether they will be loved and protected, whether they will be treated nicely, and whether they will feel as if they were at home. In a sense, it becomes similar to when people look for the first school for their own children. In the end however when we find that perfect place: everything simply runs smoothly, and our conscience is left calm, clean and relaxed. This is exactly how I felt when I met Julia and Pet Recess. This is why I kept leaving Angelo, my 15-month-old priceless Siberian husky in her custody.

"Indeed I say custody because Julia Dixon is a custodian of animals. She is a woman who takes her business very seriously, taking part in its functioning at every stage and personally overseeing how it is run. Like many other passionate business owners, her business is not a vehicle of monetary income but rather a part of her own life. Julia dedicates her life to taking care of our priceless family members when we cannot do so. Like the ideal doctor who has a profound love for human life, Julia has a sincere love for the welfare of animals. When she receives your "Buddy" or "Marley" Julia takes a Hippocratic oath to guard them, protect them, and love them when we cannot do so.

"At Pet Recess your dog is properly socialized with other pets, and it receives the amount of exercise that it needs. In the daycare, she has both indoor and outdoor spaces for our dogs to run around and play with each other. And if your need is boarding (which I use whenever I take a trip out of town) then your pet sleeps overnight in the facilities of her own home and has plenty of space to run around in her large and spacious fenced backyard. Julia's staff is lovely, and she has the highest standards in terms of employing highly qualified and truly passionate individuals. Her manager, Patrick, treats the "doggie" guests at Pet Recess like they were his own. For all of those who are looking for a decent, respectable, and truly remarkable "doggie" daycare and boarding then Pet Recess should be at the top of your list. Julia and her team are always there for you and are patient with all of your requests. I highly recommend Julia and Pet Recess, and it is truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to pen this letter."

Carlo C., M.S.

"We couldn't possibly overstate how positive our experience with Pet Recess has been. Julia and staff are wonderful and flexible with our chocolate lab Harley. We started bringing Harley to Weekend Playtime this winter, and we noticed a huge difference in his disposition on Sunday afternoons. He was calm and loveable. On the days that I bring him during the week, he howls in anticipation of his arrival. He had a little anxiety the first time we boarded him, but Sarah sat with him to relieve his anxiety. Every time we pick him up, regardless of whether it is after he has been boarded or for a daily visit, the staff always gives us an update on how he was that day and who he played with. The location is very convenient, and the staff is WONDERFUL."

Jeff & Karen, Marshfield, MA

"Just wanted to reach out and "Thank" Julia and her staff. On days where I have to go to the office, Brody is waiting patiently at the door ready for his day of fun-filled excitement! One of my favorite parts is watching the chain reaction when other dogs join the pack. My wife and I have the comfort knowing that Brody is in trusted hands when we drop him off. I highly recommend Pet Recess!"


"I have an 11-month-old Brittany spaniel named Murphy. He has gone to Pet Recess for @ 7 months. He absolutely loves it! He can't wait to get out of the car when we drive up. He loves it! And I love that he can run and play all day and when he comes home he's a tired, happy dog. The staff is very friendly and obviously have a love for dogs. I have felt from day 1, very comfortable leaving my dog with them. Highly recommend Pet Recess!"

Carol, Raynham, MA

"Pet recess is an extraordinary day care for our yellow lab Bella. She is 2 1/2 and has been going to "school" for 2 years and loves it. Bella likes to sleep in most mornings but, is very aware of her days that she goes to school and is ready before I am most mornings. Julia and her staff are very loving and display much patience with the pups. We thought about moving closer to our jobs as we travel some distance but, one of our major concerns was we wanted to keep Bella in a place that she loved, and we felt certain about. So we will keep on traveling a bit so that we can have peace of mind and Bella a wonderful school. We are very fortunate to have found such a terrific place to send our Bella!"


"Pet Recess has been such a help to our family! We have a 2 1/2-year-old beagle corgi mix named Marley who loves to get into mischief at home. When we first adopted Marley, she needed socialization with other dogs. Julia, Amy, Lauren, Sal, and the rest of the Pet Recess team has done an amazing job helping Marley "make friends." We recently had a baby girl, and Marley was feeling a bit jealous of her new sister. Pet Recess is a great outlet for her to go and get some extra love and attention! Marley has even stayed with Julia while we went away for a weekend. It was such a relief to feel so confident that our "furry baby" was safe and having fun at her home away from home while we were gone. Julia and the Pet Recess team truly enjoy what they do, and it shows every day when I go to drop Marley off or pick her up. Someone is always available to answer a question or give advice when needed. It's such a great feeling knowing that Pet Recess takes such good care of Marley and her friends!"